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Eggs-plore Lynnwood

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Egg 1: Blue Willow Egg

Blue Willow Egg is located at Alzheimer’s Association. The Alzheimer’s Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer's care, support and research.

Blue Willow Egg was designed by Mona Fairbanks.

Blue Willow Egg is a nod to my love of cooking and collecting dishes. My research led me to the iconic Blue Willow China with it’s made up lore, that was not part of my dishware repertoire, until now!

Artist Description: I am a new emerging artist. I am interested in getting involved in my local community. I live in Lynnwood and work for the University of Washington.

Address and other location info:

Address: 19031 33rd Ave W, Suite 301 Lynnwood, WA

Phone: 206-363-5500; 206-529-3880


Hours: M-F 8:30am-4:30pm

Location Image:


Egg 2: Scandinavian Spring Egg

Scandinavian Spring Egg is located at Anna's Home Furnishings. Anna’s Home Furnishings has been one of Lynnwood’s best kept secrets for over 2 decades. Anna’s is a hidden gem serving the Lynnwood community and the greater Pacific Northwest.

Scandinavian Spring Egg was designed by Rachel Sprague.

Egg Description: My egg is an homage to the Scandinavian egg farmers who were in Lynnwood. The design is a modern take on Swedish folk art, with traditional chicken and floral patterned stripes.

Artist Description: I am a surface designer and natural science illustrator who works out of my home in NE Seattle. I love playing with traditional patterns, and giving them a modern spin. I am passionate about public art, and using art for educational purposes.

Address and other location info:

Address: 19909 40th Ave W Lynnwood, WA 98036

Phone: (425) 771-0857

Hours: M - Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 11am-6pm

Location Image:


Egg 3: Cyborg Eggsistence

Cyborg Eggsistence is located at Around the Table Game Pub. Around the Table is Lynnwood's friendly, local boardgame shop and all-ages pub.

Cyborg Eggsistence was designed by Raniere.

Address and other location info:

Address: 7600 196th St SW #300 Lynnwood, WA

Phone: 206-407-8447, (425) 582-2745


Hours: Sun to Sat, 11am to 10 pm. Mon closed.

Location Image:


Egg 4: Seattle Sports: The Unity of the Community

Seattle Sports: The Unity of the Community is located at Cask and Trotter.

Seattle Sports: The Unity of the Community was designed by Cindy Hannikman.

Egg Description: I wanted to show through art the relationship between the Seattle sports teams, their fans, and the community. They support one another in many different ways and because of it they thrive.

Address and other location info:

Address: 18411 WA-99 Lynnwood, WA 98037

Phone: 425-967-5245


Hours: M-Th 11-11, Fri-Sat 11-1am, Sun 10-10

Location Image:


Egg 5

Egg 5 is located at Chick-fil-A. Locally owned quick service restaurant specializing in chicken sanwiches, waffle potato fries, & fresh squeezed lemonade.

Egg 5 was designed by Lynn Hanson.

Address and other location info:

Address: 3026 196th St SW Lynnwood, WA

Phone: (425) 673-7132


Hours: M-S 6:30am to 10:30pm, Sun. CLOSED

Location Image:


Egg 6: Spring and Jump Into Green

Spring and Jump Into Green is located at ChildStrive. ChildStrive partners with families and the community to support young children's success in daily life.

Spring and Jump Into Green was designed by Tatiana Garmendia.

Egg Description: A spiral on green radiates from top to bottom, among the growing fronds of green three colorful rainforest frogs peep out as a reminder of all that is wonderful about our good green earth

Artist Description: Born in Cuba, I have been living in the Puget Sound area for over 25 years. I’m an interdisciplinary artist exploring how the stories we tell each other and whisper to ourselves can be expressed through a variety of media.

Address and other location info:

Address: 3210 200th Pl. SW. Lynnwood, WA

Phone: 425.353.5656 x7130; 425.512.4898 (mobile)


Hours: M-F 8:30am – 3:00pm, Sa & Su closed

Location Image:


Egg 7: Exuberance

Exuberance is located at Clothes for Kids. Clothes For Kids provides free school clothing to low-income students in our community. Our vision is to empower students for success, one wardrobe at a time.

Exuberance was designed by Clarissa Callesen.

Egg Description: Abstract egg sculpture created using recycled textiles and found objects. Elevating discarded and lowbrow materials through creative alchemy.

Artist Description: I am a sculpture and installation artist creating with nontraditional materials in the form of recycled textiles and found objects.

Address and other location info:

Address: 16725 52nd Ave. W. Lynnwood, WA

Phone: 425-741-6500


Hours: M,W,F 9am-1pm

Location Image:


Egg 8: “A Causality Dilemma”

“A Causality Dilemma” is located at Dawn’s Candy & Cake Supply.

“A Causality Dilemma” was designed by BK Choi.

Egg Description: A playful visual take on “which came first: the chicken or the egg?” by means of tessellation – a pattern repeating on a geometric plane that is infinite as the question itself.

Address and other location info:

Address: 3333 184th St SW, Ste #J Lynnwood, WA

Phone: 425-348-9380


Hours: M-Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 10am-6pm

Location Image:


Egg 9

Egg 9 is located at Edmonds Community College (visual Arts). The Visual Arts Dept. at Edmonds CC is a collective of the Art, Photography and Visual Communications programs.

Egg 9 was designed by Effy Blakeway & Giuliana Castelli.

Address and other location info:

Address: Meadowdale Hall - 1st floor lobby, 20000 68th Ave W Lynnwood, WA

Phone: 425.640-1749


Hours: Mon - Friday 8 am to 8 pm

Location Image:


Egg 10: “Shines Like a Diamond”

“Shines Like a Diamond” is located at Goodwill. Seattle Goodwill’s Mission is to provide quality, effective employment training and basic education to individuals experiencing significant barriers to economic opportunity. Because jobs change lives.

“Shines Like a Diamond” was designed by Cee Lambert.

Egg Description: I’ve had the pleasure of living in Lynnwood for many years; and to experience it grow and change as it has over the years has been fascinating. The city can take pride in being one of the ‘nicest’ cities in our state. We have so much to offer our residents and many newcomers are drawn to the area because of its close proximity to both Seattle and Canada. Lynnwood sparkles and rightly deserves to ‘Shine like a diamond’.

Address and other location info:

Address: 4027 198th St. SW Lynnwood, WA

Phone: 425-774-6157; 206-898-7309


Hours: 9am-9pm, everyday

Location Image:


Egg 11

Egg 11 is located at Habitat for Humanity. Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Egg 11 was designed by King County Juvenile Detention Center.

Artist Description: I hope to encourage others to create dot art as it is a very calming and therapeutic activity.

Address and other location info:

Address: 16929 Hwy 99, #100 Lynnwood, WA

Phone: 425-258-6289; 425.405.7153


Hours: Tu-Sa 10am-5pm

Location Image:


Egg 12: Remembering Faberge

Remembering Faberge is located at Homage Senior Services. Promoting independence, preserving dignity, and enhancing the quality of life for older adults and people with disabilities in Snohomish County.

Remembering Faberge was designed by Debbie Schneider.

Egg Description: I wanted to create an egg inspired by Faberge. I tried to use gold and silver, dark and light color palette. The egg has 15 yards of Rhinestones.

Address and other location info:

Address: 5026 196th St SW Lynnwood, WA

Phone: 425.355.1112


Hours: M-F, 8:30-4:30

Location Image:


Egg 13: Hatching Harold

Hatching Harold is located at KidsPark.

Hatching Harold was designed by Kelly Shipp.

Egg Description:The egg represents Harold the dragon hatching from a blue egg. Harold is pure innocence and curiosity. It is made with a low fire paper clay and glaze.

Artist Description: The goal of my art is to make people smile. Happy Unicorn Monster came from the idea that each of us are the special unicorn in our own lives, and each of my pieces has its own story and personality.

Address and other location info:

Address: 19220 Alderwood Mall Parkway, Suite 130 Lynnwood, WA

Phone: (425) 478-2213


Hours: M-Th 7am-10pm, F 7am-12am, Sat 9am-12am, Sun 1pm-6pm

Location Image:


Egg 14: Portrait of Lynn

Portrait of Lynn is located at Lynnwood Alderwood Manor Heritage Assoc & Museum. We develop a sense of history and culture of Lynnwood and Alderwood Manor through preservation, education, outreach, research, and fellowship.

Portrait of Lynn was designed by Ted Larson.

Egg Description: Portrait of Lynn is a playful homage depicting Lynn O'Beim the namesake for Lynnwood. Inspired by Fabrege' eggs, I thought it fun to reference the history of Lynnwood as the nations number two egg producer by using a golden chicken.

Artist Description: I've been an active freelance artist since 1981. I still get excited by the infinite possibilities combining line, color, and pattern into beautiful designs. I live in the Greenlake neighborhood of Seattle with my artist wife and three cats.

Address and other location info:

Address: 19903 Poplar Way Lynnwood, WA

Phone: (425) 775-4694


Hours: Tu Th Sa 11am-3pm

Location Image:


Egg 15: Voltage series - Lined Wave

Voltage series - Lined Wave is located at Lynnwood Bowl & Skate. Bowling alley & roller rink dating back to the '50s, with a cafe-restaurant & full bar.

Voltage series - Lined Wave was designed by Naoko Morisawa.

Address and other location info:

Address: 6210 200th St SW Lynnwood, WA

Phone: 425-778-3133


Location Image:


Egg 16: She Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve

She Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve is located at Lynnwood Convention Center. A 34,000sf full-service meeting venue that can accommodate everything from a wedding to a training session and an educational conference.

She Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve was designed by Mimi Sturman.

Egg Description: A single needle felted wool egg

Artist Description: I am a painter and a fiber artist. I do large scale installations in wool and wire.

Address and other location info:

Address: 3711 196th St SW Lynnwood, WA

Phone: (425) 778-7155


Hours: M-F 8AM–5PM, Weekend hours vary

Location Image:


Egg 17: hummingbird

hummingbird is Lynnwood Food Bank. Serving our community with a supllemental grocery program while working toward incresing the health equity of our neighbors

hummingbird was designed by Amaranta Sandys.

Egg Description: The hummingbird god had been the patron deity of the Mexica people for a long time. My design depicts a blue hummingbird flying over the sun with an array of red flowers and a cactus at the bottom. I want the people of Mexican descendent not to forget where they come from.

Artist Description: My name is Amaranta Ibarra-Sandys from Mexico City. I have a degree in Ceramics from Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes. I moved to Seattle in 2000 since then, I considered a Latinx Arts Ambassador throughout King Count bringing art exhibitions to galleries, cultural events during summer time and arts education to schools to underserved kids. In 2016, Lynwood had giving me the opportunity for the first time, to create collaborative youth Public Art on Signal Boxes. As of now, I have 2 more permanent Public Art signal boxes South Park and Burien.

Address and other location info:

Address: 5320 176thSt. SW Lynnwood, WA

Phone: 425-745-1635


Hours: Mon & Tue 8am to 1pm, Wed 8am - 6:15 pm, Sat 10am -12noon

Location Image:


Egg 18

Egg 18 is located at Lynnwood Golf Course. An enjoyable 18-hole course that features merchandise, rentals, and a full-service Pro Shop.

Egg 18 was designed by Blythe Harrington.

Address and other location info:

Address: Woodway Building, Edmonds Community College, 20200 68th Ave W Lynnwood, WA

Phone: 425-672-GOLF (4653)


Hours: 6:30am - 6pm

Location Image:


Egg 19: Blooming

Blooming is located at Lynnwood Library. The library is a community doorway to reading, resources, and lifelong learning, and a center for people, ideas, and culture.

Blooming was designed by Pam Gompf

Egg Description: Using traditional Ukrainian pysanky style, symbols and colours, this egg is designed with the addition of springtime vines, bumble bees, flowers, and leaves. The pysanky egg is to reflect the coming of spring and new life. With bright colours bursting from the winter darkness, this egg is both lively and fragile, as is life. Assorted bright colours reflect the diversity we live in all around us.

Artist Description: Pam is 1 of 5 certified Master Pysanky Artists in the world by the International Egg Art Guild. Her egg art has won multiple awards and has been housed at the White House. Pam is a Lutheran minister, avid hiker, and mom of three.

Address and other location info:

Address: 19200 44th Ave W Lynnwood, WA

Phone: (425) 778-2148


Hours: M-Th 9am-9pm, F-Su 10am-6pm

Location Image:


Egg 20: Seed of Life & the Sunset

Seed of Life & the Sunset is located at Lynnwood Recreation Center. The Lynnwood Recreation Center is a state of the art facility that includes 3 amazing pools, sauna, hot tubs, cardio weight room, fitness studio, & racquetball courts.

Seed of Life & the Sunset was designed by Mark Ostheller/ Marks Mandalas.

Egg Description: Different styles of dot art from mandalas to landscape to random dots creating the illusion of depth and dimension to a flat surface. An incorporation of vinyl for additional effect. View from different angles and distances.

Artist Description: Creator of Marks Mandalas Dotting Tools & lessons that teach freehand dot mandalas.

Address and other location info:

Address: 18900 44th Ave W Lynnwood, WA

Phone: (425) 670-5732


Hours: M-F 5:30am-9:30pm, Sa 7am-9pm, Su 9:30am-6:30pm

Location Image:


Egg 21: Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers is located at Lynnwood Senior Center. The Lynnwood Senior Center engages older adults in health, wellness, social and recreational opportunities.

Spring Flowers was designed by Amanda Drewniak.

Egg Description: Plastic oversized egg covered in various types of acrylic crochet yarn flowers with a simple yarn base

Address and other location info:

Address: 19000 44thAve. W Lynnwood, WA

Phone: 425-670-5050; 425-670-5051


Hours: M W Th F 8:30am–3pm, Tu 8:30am-5pm, Sa 9:30am–1:30pm

Location Image:

Egg 22: A World of Whimsy

A World of Whimsy is located at Mel & Mia's Unique Pastries and Fine Coffees. Combine Modern and Traditional Methods, with Unique French Pastries & Fine Coffees, and you have Mel and Mias!

A World of Whimsy was designed by Yana Chakalo.

Egg Description: My Easter Egg takes the environment around us and brings alive a colorful world between the natural, fantasy, and mystery. It is kooky and curious and makes us think about what we can dream of beyond our space, time, and reality.

Artist Description: As a young artist I find my inspiration and artistry through my evolving identity. My art allows me to explore my Bulgarian identity and mental health by bridging happiness, wonder, imagination, and challenging what it is we experience as our reality.

Address and other location info:

Address: 7530 Olympic View Dr #103 Lynnwood, WA

Phone: (425) 361-7044


Hours: M-Th 8am-5pm, F Sa 8am-8pm, Su closed

Location Image:


Egg 23: Hatched Burrito Unicorn

Hatched Burrito Unicorn is located at PlayHappy Cafe. PlayHappy Café is an upscale, innovative family and community focused gathering place for little ones and their favorite grown-ups.

Hatched Burrito Unicorn was designed by Dave Bloomfield.

Egg Description: Acrylic painting on poured concrete egg. This painting depicts one of my most popular, original characters, The burrito unicorn.

Artist Description: I am a visual artist born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I devote most of my waking hours to creating artwork. I’ve always lived through my imagination, that is my navigation through the world. My work is mainly acrylic painting on canvas and reclaimed plywood. It’s divided in style between whimsical, cartoon style, line drawn characters and more realistic painterly animals. I explore a lot of storytelling through the characters, giving them a life of their own.

Address and other location info:

Address: 4114 198th SW, Suite 3 Lynnwood, WA

Phone: 425-582-7007


Hours: Monday – Thursday 9am to 4pm, Friday 9am to 8pm, Saturday - Sunday 10am to 4 pm

Location Image:


Egg 24: High C/120 DB

High C/120 DB is located at Trinity Lutheran Church. Trinity is a worshipping community with an emphasis on service to the community.

High C/120 DB was designed by Amanda DeSilver

Egg Description: Compact disc and vinyl LP record collage depicting a cracked egg.

Artist Description: The unique landscapes of the Pacific Northwest inspire me to explore them through painting and collage as well as on foot. I have exhibited in a number of alternative spaces throughout Western Washington, participated in public art projects and volunteered my time in various arts organizations.

Address and other location info:

Address: 6215 196thSt. SW Lynnwood, WA

Phone: 425-778-2159; 425-778-2159 x 2225


Hours: M & F 8am-1pm, T & Th 8am - 9pm, Sat 7:30 - 11am, Sun 7:30am - noon

Location Image:


Egg 25: EGG-citing Encounters

EGG-citing Encounters is located at Verdant Health Commission. Verdant hosts free and low-cost community health classes, including cooking demos, nutrition education, support groups, healthy living workshops, and more.

EGG-citing Encounters was designed by Brandon Ringstad.

Egg Description: The egg depicts WA State. Orange yellow glow of a sunrise over the Cascades. Fields and trees come into focus. The subject drops below the water to reveal orcas and sockeye salmon.

Artist Description: The egg depicts WA State. Orange yellow glow of a sunrise over the Cascades. Fields and trees come into focus. The subject drops below the water to reveal orcas and sockeye salmon.

Address and other location info:

Address: 4710 196thSt. SW. Lynnwood, WA

Phone: 425-582-8600; 425-582-8558


Hours: M - F 8am-5pm

Location Image:


Egg 26: Shelly

Shelly is located at Worksource Lynnwood. WorkSource is a statewide partnership and provides an array of employment and training services to job seekers and employers.

Shelly was designed by Soundview School.

Egg Description: 7th and 8th grade students spent weeks brainstorming what both an egg and Soundview meant to them. They came up with words such as: home, community and passionate. Their final product was an experiment in using abstract pouring techniques and resin to symbolize their feelings and the feeling of being both a member of the Lynnwood and Soundview communities.

Address and other location info:

Address: 18009 WA-99 Suite #A Lynnwood, WA

Phone: (425) 412-6867; (425) 322-1179


Hours: M Tu Th F 8-5pm, W 9-5pm

Location Image:


Egg 27: Egg of Galaneia

Egg of Galaneia is located at YWCA (Pathways for women). YWCA in Snohomish County works to eliminate racism and empower women through the provision of shelter, housing, and supoort services.

Egg of Galaneia was designed by Brooke Fotheringham.

Egg Description: A glowing, luminescent egg from which I imagine one of the Nereids, Galaneia, the ancient Greek goddess of calm seas could have emerged.

Artist Description: Seattle area macro photographer and costume designer.

Address and other location info:

Address: 6027 208thSt. SW. Lynnwood, WA

Phone: 425-774-9843


Hours: M, T, Th, F 9:30am-4:30pm, W 12:30-4:30pm

Location Image: