Eggs-plore Lynnwood: How To & FAQ
Eggs-plore LynnWood

How to use Eggs-plore Lynnwood

How to sign-up

You can sign-up on any page using the pop up that appears on any page if you are not logged in or using the side menu, which can be found when you click the menu button found in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. When you sign up you want to type your name in the name input box, then type your email in the email input box and your password in the password input box.

It is important to use a real email address if you want to receive a prize in the case you are rewarded one.

After inputting the proper information in the input boxes either in the side menu or the sign-up pop up available on any page, you click sign-up and you will be signed up to Eggsplore Lynnwood.

How to log in

To log in all you need to do is type your name and password into either the side menu or the sign-up pop up available on any page and click the log in button.

How to delete your account

You can delete your account by going to the profile page and clicking delete account and then the delete button in the pop up that appears bellow.

How to scan an egg

You can scan eggs after logging in and going to the scan page and clicking the scan button. After scanning you will see a list of eggs that are within 1000 feet of you in the Hot List and any eggs within 175 Feet will be collected and added to the Collection page, where more information can be viewed by clicking on the egg.

You may not be able to scan for eggs if you have your location turned off. No eggs will appear if you are further than 1000 feet away from any eggs.

How to use the Collection

The collection page allows you to view the information about all your eggs as well as the image of the egg after it has been scanned. To view information about the egg, click the egg on the page and its info will be brought up.

How to change and or reset your password

You can reset your password in two ways. One if you are already logged in you can go to the profile page and clicking the account info button to open the profile info bellow where there is a section bellow to type your name and password to re-authenticate and then type the new password bellow and click the button that says change password.

If you are not logged in you can click the change password button on the login pop up that shows up on every page when you are logged out. From there you will be taken to a page where you can type in the email you used for your account and hit submit to be emailed a new password.

How to change your email

To change your email, you need to go to the profile page click the account info button. Next re-authenticate by typing your email and password and clicking re-authenticate. Now type the new email you would like to use in the update email address field and click update account email address.

How to change your user name

You can change your user name by typing a new user name in update user name field on the account page in the pop up found by clicking account info and clicking update user name.

How to validate my email

When you sign-up you should automatically get an email to validate your account email address. This is only to allow Eggs-plore Lynnwood the ability to rest your password as well as email you in the event you won an award.

If you have not received an email to validate your account, you can click the message that pops up at the top of each page. This will take you to a page where you can either have another validation email sent to you or have your email changed and then send a validation email to that new email.

Eggs-plore Lynnwood FAQ


Why does the Eggs-plore Lynnwood not work in Internet Explorer?


Internet Explorer stopped being supported by Microsoft as of January 2016, which means Internet Explorer is currently not capable of running Eggs-plore Lynnwood. As an alternative to Internet Explorer, Microsoft now offers Microsoft Edge for browsing the internet. Other supported browsers also include Chrome and Firefox.


Why do I need to have my email validated?


We need to validate your email, so you can send a reset password email to you, as well as to message you in the case you won one of the rewards in the contest.


Why does Eggs-plore Lynnwood not work in Safari?


Safari is not fully supported by Eggs-plore Lynnwood's server client. Some features may not work depending on if you are using Safari for mobile or for computer or if your version of Safari is not up to date. Other alternatives to Safari include Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Ask Questions

If you have further questions or other problems please email:

Be sure to format your email similar to the example bellow.

Dear Eggs-plore Lynnwood,

[UserName]: DaveWatts

[Issue]: I Can't Log in.

[Further Descrition]: I am emailing because I am having trouble with [Issue] while using Eggs-plore Lynnwood.

Please email me back at [Your Email Address]